District Court Cases


  1. Village of Grafton v. Rural Lorain County, OH, 4/2004
  2. North Shelby Water v. Shelbyville Municipality, Kentucky 3/1992
  3. Butterfield Park Water Assoc. v. MoonGate Water Utility, NM, 10/2000
  4. In re Payne County Rural Water Dist. #3 (deannexation proceeding) 9/2003
  5. Sequoyah County Rural Water Dist. No. 7 v. Town of Muldrow, OK 9/1999
  6. Horn Lake Water v. City of Horn Lake, MS, 09/1994
  7. Thrash v. City of Asheville NC, 6/1994
  8. Town of Rogersville v. Mid Hawkins County, TN, 6/2003



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