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Examples of Formalized State Settlement and Dispute Resolution Procedures


Kansas: Guidelines for the Transfer of Water Service Territory Between Cities and Rural Water Districts. State law with guidelines to transfer.  Professor (supported by KRWA) is arbitrator.

North Dakota: January 8, 2013, HOUSE BILL NO. 1440, relating to water services by cities and water districts and state water commission policies on funds for water districts and cities.


Arkansas: Arkansas State Law on settling service areas disputes.  Allows for a procedure to determine the cost for the area in dispute.


Missouri: State statute Chapter 247, Public Water Supply Districts, Section 247.165 – Identifying a process of developing agreements between public water supply districts and municipalities experiencing annexation.


Texas: Water Code - Section 13.255, Single Certification In Incorporated Or Annexed Areas – provides for procedure for agreements in the event that an area is incorporated or annexed by a municipality and a retail public utility that provides water or sewer service to all or part of the area.  Provides for just compensation to a public utility.


Ohio Bilateral Agreement: Rural Lorain County Rural Water and neighboring communities’ local agreements and contacts.


Iowa: Southeast Polk Rural Water District’s standardized formula for settlement and reimbursement of annexed territories.


Bill Simpson: (5/2013) White Paper Discussion Draft.





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